Our Philosophy

We realize our most valuable asset is our reputation, Willcox & Dodd was opened in 2002 with over 350 mill in capital. Our sole purpose is to assist our customers in finding loans the fastest and most reliable way possible. Since 2008 we have expanded online to provide our customers with unprecedented service right at their fingertips. Throughout our carrer we have treated every customer like they were part of the family. We provide the type of service you will share with your freinds, family and co-workers. If you were turned down elsewhere we can help, your application is free and so is your consultation.
Willcox & Dodd will analyze the information you provide in your application and match you to a lender for either good credit loans or bad credit loans. Finding loans for borrowers with bad credit can be challenging, but through our network of lenders, we have been successful. Although we are always able to match an applicant with a lender, this does not guarantee that you will receive a loan offer. When you are matched with a lender, we recommend that you review all of the information on our website that explains the disadvantages of bad credit loans and all fee and rate information from any private lender pertaining to any loan being offered to you before you agree to the terms of the loan.
Hard financial times can happen to any of us. When they do, it's important to have options so that you can get back on track with your credit history. At Willcox & Dodd, we provide a wide range of financial solutions to help you if you have less than perfect credit. If you need a loan and are looking for a solution to your bad credit, apply online today.




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